Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hi.  Welcome to the support blog for the GuidePace mobile app!

Photo:  Jason Killgore, South of the Green Wilson Hut, Aspen

I developed GuidePace to help mountain guides and other backcountry users to be more efficient and accurate in their time planning.  When we're preparing for a big objective in the mountains, it often makes sense to put together a tour plan.  In additional to the relevant geographic information needed for navigation, a tour plan will include time estimates for each leg of a trip.  These time estimates help us determine what time we will need to wake up, what are appropriate turnaround times, and what time we can expect to be back.  This information in turn affects our choices of clothing, food and equipment.

There are various rules-of-thumb out there for this purpose, however they all require a certain amount of arithmetic, unit conversion, or both.  GuidePace does the math for you.  It makes tour planning faster and easier.

GuidePace is currently only available for iOS, but I'm planning on releasing it for Android in the near future.  Let me know what you think, I'm psyched to hear feedback!


PS - I have to give some serious credit to my man Paul George in NYC.  It was his tutelage that made it possible for this idea to became a reality.  Oh, and he crushes the bumps!

Photo:  Chris Burk, Paul shredding Teton powder

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